The smart bluetooth motorcycle helmet revolution hits the big brands with the Shoei IT-HT

Jarvish, CrossHelmet, Skully, MonoHUD, NUVIZ … Augmented reality is one of the next technological leaps in the world of motorcycles. We see more and more small start-ups surprise us with ideas for smart helmets, but with the exception of a Nolan prototype and Torrot’s support in Skully, the big brands are staying away.

That was the case until now, because finally one of the world’s great helmet manufacturers has moved on: Shoei with the IT-HT.

While others are dedicated to simply changing the decoration of their more than depreciated helmets and even repurchasing outer shell designs from other minor brands, this smart helmet from the all-powerful Japanese brand has been presented to society at the Consumer Electronic Show 2019 (CES) of Las Vegas.

The Shoei IT-HT is the first iteration of the brand with a Head-Up Display (HUD, projection of images on a surface in front of the driver’s field of vision), a technology that has been used in automobiles for years in a way. quite practical and that can be even more useful on a motorcycle.

For motorcyclists looking at the dashboard means taking their eyes off the road, so a HUD projected inside the bluetooth helmet can be of great help, receiving information, projection of a rear view camera or alerts in a more secure way; always looking at the road.

In addition, these systems incorporate headphones (and microphone) being able to receive alerts acoustic, integrate GPS navigators, music and call reception, although these last two points suggest a potential unnecessary distraction. After all, if the HUD is implemented for safer driving, there is no point in including distracting features.

Unfortunately, Shoei has not disclosed data or specifications of the IT-HT, nor have they made any demonstration of operation, since at the moment it is only a display prototype. At least what we can know is that Shoei is working on an integrated HUD system for their helmets, so at some point it will reach production.

Oh, and we would also like to know why these types of helmets are always so unappealing to the eye.