The KSH bluetooth motorcycle helmet will feature automatic emergency warning in the event of an accident, an alternative to BMW’s ECALL system


We have already seen all kinds of smart helmets such as the Shoei with Head-Up Display projection. However, Kosmos Smart Helmets present a fairly complete solution among other functions, allowing riders to send a warning if the device detects that the rider has suffered an accident.

We already know systems such as the BMW ECALL or the one that Bosch has created for any type of motorcycle, and GPS moto but in this case we are talking about a helmet with sensors and that does not require any kind of special installation. And besides, it works differently.

The KSH will send an emergency notice with the rider’s location in case it is necessary

The KSH helmet was shown to the world during the last Consumer Electronic Show 2020 in Las Vegas, an event in which the most cutting-edge companies in technology meet. And KSH was there with this protection system, an interesting proposal. However, if there are plans to launch the definite model for sale in 2021, there is lots of work to do.

The idea consists of a bluetooth motorcycle helmet that in its prototype is shown as a jet type but that will also have an integral model and has a series of sensors within its structure. With Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, there will be a nee to link it with a mobile phone through a Bluetooth connection and using the app created by the manufacturer. The user can then fill in a form with details about their health and up to five emergency contacts.

If the sensors detect an accident, the system will try to communicate with the rider using voice commands. He will have to answer if he needs help or not and, in case of no answer, the system itself will send an emergency notice to the contacts through the smartphone, with the location and personal health information.

In this way, any of the people listed can receive the notification and contact the emergency services, to which they can provide all the above information.

In addition to that, the KSH motorcycle helmet has LED lights on the sides and a brake light on the rear, so that it can turn on the latter when the accelerometer installed detects that the driver is braking, thus improving in any case, visibility in times or areas with less light. Voice commands can also be used to listen to instructions from the browser or to make or receive calls, like an intercom.