There’s Always That As An Alternative. A Bluetooth-Enabled Helmet Is The Way To Go.

As an experienced motorcycle rider, you’ll appreciate the peace and quiet that comes with long-distance excursions. Even yet, there are instances when it’s critical that you get to know your fellow riders. Using a Bluetooth motorbike helmet is the easiest way to do this. Don’t bother using hand signals or hollering at each other with your visors up when riding side-by-side. We can all benefit from technology.

Let’s have a look at some of the top options for Bluetooth-enabled motorbike helmets that are currently available. As far as Bluetooth helmets go, the O’Neal Commander is the greatest one on the market since it’s stylish and functional at the same time.

The suede interior of this helmet can be removed and washed, making it both washable and pleasant. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the stinky head perspiration stench that helmets often produce. The anti-scratch and anti-fog protection that comes with the camera is an added bonus.

People who have purchased and used this helmet agree that the 10 hours of talk time it promises is accurate.

Audiophiles will like the Commander helmet’s stereo speakers, which include surround sound and full stereo sound. I like the fact that the music is muted when I get a phone call so that I don’t have to bother about changing the volume while driving.

Just the right weight, this Commander model has a weight of 5.4 pounds. We didn’t have any stiffness or discomfort in our necks at all. It is available in six sizes, ranging from extra small to XXXL.

Approved by ECE and DOT, this O’Neil helmet is a great value for the features it delivers.

You may listen to turn-by-turn instructions as you stream music to the built-in stereo speakers in the Fastrack II, which is the second edition of the famous O’Neal Bluetooth racing helmet. There is no cable sticking out of your mouth.

The HJC IS-MAX The HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth Ready Modular helmet is an excellent example of a first-class exhibition of comfort and convenience when riding on the open road. HJC’s touring helmet is packed with fantastic features, including a one-button flip-up function, a one-touch integrated sun shield, and Bluetooth capabilities built right in.

There are three models of the C3. Fit is excellent, and a communications package is available as an add-on. Using the Schuberth C3 helmet while listening to my favourite music is a great way to go about town. It’s a well-engineered helmet since it’s simple to put on and take off, has excellent airflow for cooling, and reduces noise. The SRC-5 communication system may be used with this helmet.

C3 Pro Helmet Communication System by Schuberth SRC-S The SRC-System is the simplest to install for individuals who want interesting new features. C3 Pro Helmet’s Bluetooth communication technology enables riders to enjoy wireless intercom, cellular phone, FM radio, GPS and MP3 features without the obvious bulk and aerodynamic drag of competing systems.

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