Excelvan Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Kit

We all tend to stick to the well known brands when it comes to electronics, and most riders will select a Sena when it comes to Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet system.  But a few of my riding colleagues have recently purchased and are raving about this bargain priced kit which they are using.  They are reporting that the build quality is quite good and the features are right up there close to the best systems we have tested.  The below price is the best we have found anywhere.  We have found this system works well and hooks up fine with Sena and other brand Bluetooth units.

Excelvan Headset fitted

The main comments that are less than good are about the volume, but guess what?  We have sorted that out.  It is not a problem with the unit, it is how and where the inside helmet speakers are fitted.  The speakers must be fitted as close to your ears as possible, even half and inch can make a big difference in sound volume. You can even pad behind the speakers with foam if necessary to improve the fit.  And when used with normal earplugs that you use to keep out road and wind noise, the quality of the sound from the speakers is even better.

It looks as good as any that we have previously tried and reviewed. The instructions are easy to follow and support from the manufacturer is good judged from the feedback.

I give this Exclevan Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset a big thumbs up. And you will save a heap of money!