Preview of the Sena Smart Helmet

Soon to be released by SENA, the makers of the bestselling motorcycle Bluetooth communications systems, the Sena Smart Helmet.  At the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida, the Sena Smart Helmet was released. According to Sena it is the “World’s first motorcycle helmet with Intelligent Noise Control”.  Which means that it includes an ambient noise cancelling system built in which is powered by an internal battery.

Sena Smart Helmet styling

Leading edge styling

What Sena has done here is produce a solution that millions of riders the world over have been trying to solve for years.  That is to provide an optimal riding environment when the motorcyclist would normally have to deal with excessive, unpleasant and sometimes damaging road noise.  The noise is from wind in and around the head/helmet and the road noise.  Over time, unless sufficient protection is used, this noise will cause permanent hearing loss.  Being able to find a product that will actively reduce this noise is welcome news.  Riders need to be able to hear vital outside sounds such as emergency vehicle sirens, other vehicles and even lower volume engine RPM sounds.  But we do not need to hear the wind and road noise that increases as speed increases.

The Intelligent Noise Control system works by monitoring outside the helmet sounds using external mini microphones and then introducing opposite phase frequencies to the rider to negate or reduce offending noise.  The rider just has to toggle the easy to use button on the outside of the helmet to activate the system.  The system analyses the harmful outside noises using four microphones which are networked and provides real time adjustments back to the wearer.

Built in technology

Built in technology

Some things you need to hear

Another feature is Ambient Mode.  This is when you need to converse with another person whilst your helmet is on or even if you just want to hear more of what is going on around you at low speeds.  Switch on Ambient Mode with another touch button (on the other side of the helmet) and you will hear clearly without taking off your helmet.


Optional Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet module

The Sena Smart Helmet comes ready for the snap in Bluetooth intercom module which is optional, however we believe that it is an option that will be selected by most purchasers of this helmet.  The Intelligent Noise Control module that comes standard with the helmet snaps in to the back of the helmet shell and has a USB rechargeable battery.  This Bluetooth module will allow you to listen to your music, make phone calls or talk with other riders, bike to bike.  And as the helmet has Intelligent Noise Control you will be able to listed at much lower and safer volumes, this is because the system reduces the wind noise.

It’s not just the internal electronic technology that we are looking forward to either, the helmet is designed for maximum strength and low weight.  It features an integrated carbon-fiber shell that is extremely lightweight.  The style and design looks great and will certainly be one of the factors why this helmet is chosen by riders, even without the world class technology.

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product overview

Product Overview

The Sena Smart Helmet is set to be a “Step Change” for motorcycling.