Those who thrive on having the wind in the face feeling sometimes find it challenging to come across the right communication gear, one that allows for efficient communication, whilst providing users with a chance to enjoy music or other types of audio input. Even when connectivity has been developed way beyond initial expectations, it is still hard to come across the best Bluetooth solution for open or half helmets. You need a different type of microphone fittings for these helmets and preferable better speaker volume/quality.

Thanks to the latest technological developments, it is now possible to find suitable alternatives for those who are looking for top-notch equipment. The following review will help potential shoppers to make a choice when it comes to finding the best Bluetooth solution for open face or half helmets.

Sena (SPH10H-FM) Bluetooth Intercom with FM Tuner for Half-Helmets

High-tech Functionality

Offering a four-way intercom conversations feature, this low-profile unit with Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headsets is also equipped with a type of Advanced Noise Control technology that detects and cuts out background noise.

In addition, this model is a living proof of the perks provided by a recent innovation known as Lithium Ion batteries which enable users to talk for over ten hours on a single charge. Moreover, this gear has been designed to last for seven days in stand-by mode on a single charge.

Learn more about the Sena SPH10H-01 technical features here: Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets on Amazon

Expanded Versatility

Because of its versatile Jog Dial and large buttons on the boom mic, this Sena headset models enables users to gain easy access to all the control features.

Besides, since this headset gives users the chance to keep intercom conversations within a half mile range, it qualifies as a best Bluetooth solution for open of half helmets. Finally, the automatic volume function adjusts volume instantly in noisier environments, you will love that feature.

Sena SPH10H-FM Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Motorcycles

Sena SPH10H-FM: More than a Headset


Sena SPH10H-FM Features that we like

  • Two mobile phone setup via multi point access
  • FM tuner built in which includes radio station save and scan function
  • voice command prompting
  • Bluetooth stereo from audio MP3 players and mobile phones
  • AVRCP controls music playback: play, pause, next track, back track
  • Jog dial makes it easy to operate
  • good sound level with audio booster integrated
  • Hands free operation of Bluetooth mobile phones
  • GPS navigation audio through the Bluetooth headset speakers
  • Water resistant for use in wet weather
  • Great natural sound quality that is crystal clear
  • 7 days of stand by time and 10 hours of talk time
  • Two year warranty

Sena SMH10H unit


This is where I found our SMH10H-FM: Amazon for Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets

Scala Rider Half Helmet Audio Kit for G9 Headset 210114

scala rider audio kit

Equipped with a detachable speaker set, this Scala Rider Half Helmet Audio Kit has been especially designed for half helmets. Because this set features an MP3 jack, radio and music can be played while it is being used.

Furthermore, iPhone, intercom and Siri can be used and controlled from this device. Communication is so effective that phone calls can be made, even while cruising at 70 mph on a freeway, for example.

Find out more about the Scala G9 Check price and reviews Here.

Maximum Helmet Adaptability

Although the Scala G9 headsets can be used on full helmets, they work particularlywell on half ones because this is what they have been designed for. Thanks to its many inserts and fitting parts, this Scala model adjusts to most half helmet models with complete precision.

The base can be used for a mount upon which the cheek strap can adapt optimally. The inserts that contain the speakers attach directly and securely to the back of the cheek strap with Velcro. Even when the speaker will adjust differently in each case, as long as the user aims the arrow on the mouthpiece towards their mouths, communication will take place quite efficiently. In general, most users agree that they can hear each other clearly, even while traveling on the road.

Scala rider audio kit for half helmet

Scala Rider Audio Kit: Especially for Half Helmets

Scala Rider Half Helmet Audio Kit G9 Headset Specifications

  • Detachable speaker set
  • Item weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 3 inches
  • MP3 Jack (caable provided)
  • Optional ear curtains included

scala G9 controls

Scala G9 Controls

Where to get a great price and more information on the Scala Rider Audio Kit for Half Helmets – Amazons current price.


What customers are Saying

Both items have generated hundreds of comments written by customers who have bought the sets, tried them and are now voicing their experiences. Generally, speaking comments on both speakers are positive and certainly refer to both products’ ability to cater for a very specific need: being able to communicate while enjoying some type of outdoor sport that usually involves wearing a helmet.

However, although both products would seem to aim at the same target public, they are different for several reasons.

Whereas the Sena SH 10H 01 is highly valued for its unique technological developments and superior sound quality, the Scala Rider Audio Kit is regarded as being extremely adaptable and versatile as far as connectivity resources is concerned.

The Sena appeals to all types of people, especially those who need to keep logged in, even when riding. Offering a larger-than-usual connectivity range, the Bluetooth stereo FM tuner option provided by this item is greatly sought-after and perhaps one of the main reasons why so many people are flocking toward this choice.

Even so, a small percentage of users have expressed their complaints regarding battery life. Even when the technology that supports the use of Lithium Ion batteries is sound and has been thoroughly revised. some people are hard to please. We think the 7 days standby and 10 hours talk time is great.

For further information on users’ comments and reviews, log on here: Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets

As for the Scala model, dozens of reviewers have shared their satisfaction with the product’s easily attachable parts that allow for simple set up and quick installation. In fact, versatility can be listed as one of this item’s most resounding advantages.

On a less happy note, a few reviewers have referred to some of the inserts and clamps included in the model as being less useful because they either, do not adjust well or are too uncomfortable when it comes to actually wearing the gear.

My recommendation for the best solution for a half helmet is the Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets.